Competitive Intelligence Expert - Certified Training

The only Certified Training in Romania which recognizes the professional quality of a person to occupy the position of Competitive Intelligence Expert in a company


Methods and techniques of investigation – Elicitation

Elicitation is an information-gathering process from human sources by using a guided discussion in order to hide the collector’s intention to obtain information


Intelligence for HR Directors/Top Executives

HR Intelligence is about ensuring ambitious business goals can be met by measuring, planning and controlling human resource management activities


The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence – IBCI was created to provide top professionals with the best competitive intelligence and organisational behaviour solutions. Therefore, IBCI mission is to provide companies and managers with tools and methods that will enable them to be more competitive and more efficient.  We want to make sure that our graduates have a breakthrough in their careers and an excellent impact in their organizations.

Our Institute offers practical – oriented educational programs that prepare attendees for the real and dynamic business environment – exercises and case study methodology. Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence Courses are available in English and Romanian.

The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence has an excellent multidisciplinary team, with professionals that are practitioners and leading ex­perts in their fields, after training and offering their expertise to Top 10 Forbes companies, as well as hundreds of managers and executives dealing with competitive pressures on their job.

Companies need  intelligence and not information.There is a major difference between information and intelligence. Information is a material often descriptive, not evaluated, results from observation, discussions, reports, rumours or images. The pieces of information can be true or false, accurate or not, confirmed or not, real or fanciful. Intelligence is actionable information –  a result of the collection, assessment and interpretation of the pieces of information. Intelligence is always checked using different sources, in a cross-check process.


By using the business competitive intelligence perspective, you will be able to:

  • Become more competitive
  • Make better and more rapid decision,
  • Enhance early warning and forecast competitive threats
  • Gain strategic perspective and avoid blindspots,
  • Manage and reduce risks
  • Conduct counter-intelligence and prevent “leaks”

The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence (IBCI)

Be Intelligent! Be Business!

We provide top professionals with solid and flexible business competitive intelligence and organisational behaviour training programs

Intelligence in NegotiationsIntelligence in Negotiations

Business Protection In A World Of Global And Regional Risks

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