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The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence - IBCI was created to provide top professionals with solid and flexible competitive intelligence and organisational behaviour solutions and training programs. IBCI is powered by ICSS & Interactor

The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence – IBCI was created to provide top professionals with the best competitive intelligence and organisational behaviour training programs. Therefore, IBCI mission is to provide companies and managers with tools and methods that will enable them to be more competitive and more efficient.  We want to make sure that our graduates have a breakthrough in their careers and an excellent impact in their organizations.

Why Business Competitive Intelligence?

In the business environment of the 21st century, ignorance or misunderstanding of Competitive Intelligence field is a real obstacle in achieving superior performance. Competitive intelligence is about making reasoned, rational decisions while under pressure. The average value of decisions taken by a manager depends directly on the quality of information to which he has access and on his processing capability.

Companies need  intelligence and not information.There is a major difference between information and intelligence. Information is a material often descriptive, not evaluated, results from observation, discussions, reports, rumours or images. The pieces of information can be true or false, accurate or not, confirmed or not, real or fanciful. Intelligence is actionable information –  a result of the collection, assessment and interpretation of the pieces of information. Intelligence is always checked using different sources, in a cross-check process.

Why you need Business Competitive Intelligence (BCI) Training?

By using the business competitive intelligence perspective, you will be able to:

  • Become more competitive
  • Make better and more rapid decision,
  • Enhance early warning and forecast competitive threats
  • Gain strategic perspective and avoid blindspots,
  • Manage and reduce risks
  • Conduct counter-intelligence and prevent “leaks”

BCI Training for every domain!

Furthermore, our Courses provide a focused perspective on the role of Competitive Intelligence in every domain and the professional models that can be applied. Most of all, through interactive lectures and practical exercises participants will experience the Intelligence field applied on their business environment. We have developed several programs  (open courses and in-house training) for highly qualified professionals from every domain, in order for them to master the core competencies of Competitive Intelligence profession and Organisational Behaviour and to employ them directly in their businesses.

Our Institute offers practical – oriented educational programs that prepare attendees for the real and dynamic business environment – exercises and case study methodology.  IBC Intelligence Courses are available in English and Romanian.

You can select the Certified Program in Business Competitive Intelligence or Other Courses in Business Competitive Intelligence, tailored on your specific area of practice.  See upcoming Courses here!


Our Team

The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence – IBCI has an excellent multidisciplinary team, with professionals that are practitioners and leading ex­perts in their fields, after training and offering their expertise to Top 10 Forbes companies, as well as hundreds of managers and executives dealing with competitive pressures on their job.

Amira Radulescu is the director of the Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence, trainer and coach, Product Development Director for ICSS (Integrated Corporate Security Services). She is an Expert in Business Competitive Intelligence and specialist in Behavior Analysis, Organizational Behavior, profiling, nonverbal communication & FACS. She has over 14 years of experience in Marketing and Business Communication, Business Development, Training and Recruitment, over 7 years in top management positions and she is former CEO of the Behavior Research Center from Romania.

Certifications: Business Intelligence, Economic International Relations, Human Resources Management and Development, Business Communication, Behavior Analysis and Assessment, Psychology, Body Language and Lie Detection (FACS – Paul Ekman Group Certificate), NLP, Criminal Profiling, Leadership and Coaching.

Ionut Corduneanu is co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services), an entrepreneur and consultant in Business Competitive Intelligence since 2011, after a ten years  career in government Intelligence. He is a member of the Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (scip.org), following doctoral studies in Business Competitive Intelligence and he is a certified trainer, currently delivering courses in Business Intelligence.

In his company’s customer portfolio (ICSS) there are Romanian companies and multinational brands that have benefited from Intelligence in order to develop business operations in Romania, the Balkans, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

Sergiu Medar is co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services) and has extensive experience in Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence gained during his entire career: diplomat, National Security Adviser for the Presidential Administration, Chief of the National Intelligence Community and a member of the Supreme Council of National Defence; Director of Military and Counterintelligence. He had diplomatic missions in the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. He teaches diplomacy, Intelligence and counterterrorism at the National Intelligence Academy (ANI) and he is also associate professor at Babes Bolay University from Cluj where he teaches Defence Diplomacy, Business Intelligence/Competitive Intelligence, National Defence College – Defence Diplomacy, Security Studies as an Associate Professor and at the „Lucian Blaga” University , Sibiu. He was Visiting Professor for: National Defence University, USA; NATO Studies Center, Bucharest; Marshall Center, Garmisch Partenkirchen; National Defence Intelligence College, USA.

Sergiu Medar worked as a consultant in Business Competitive Intelligence for national and multinational companies from 4 continents. His area of ​​expertise includes: Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence, Negotiation, Crisis Management, Business Protocol. He is also consultant  for „Lockheed Martin” (USA) in risk evaluation, security projects and studies, training on security, corporate security management, Business Intelligence.

Adriean Pârlog is co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services) and has over 25 years of experience in Intelligence and Business Intelligence. He is currently the president of ICSS and associate professor at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu and Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca. He is a member of SCIP (Strategic Competitive Intelligence Professionals) since 2012.   Mr. Parlog has relevant experience in business, as a manager, but also a consultant for national and multinational companies from Romanian, USA, Great Britain and for companies from Middle East and Central Asia.

He graduated in Cybernetics and Statistics and has a postgraduate specialisation in modelling and simulation of social – economic phenomena –  ASE Bucharest. He holds a Ph.D. obtained from the Academy of Advanced Military Studies (where he completed a postgraduate course in Intelligence) and held the position of Head of military intelligence analysis. He was part of the group who developed the Entrepreneurship Laboratory from Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, a project financed with EU funds. His area of ​​expertise includes: Intelligence & Business Intelligence, information theory, modelling and simulation of economic and social processes.

The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence – IBCI is a concept of  ICSS (Integrated Corporate Security Services) – Romanian leader in Business & Competitive Intelligence – and Interactor, consulting and training company in Organizational Behavior.

INTERACTOR – your reliable partner, where the expertise in organisational environment meets Behavioural Analysis and Business Competitive Intelligence. Interactor is a training and consulting company focused on the analysis, assessment and acceleration of performance on both individual and organisational levels. Competencies: Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Profiling, Behavior Analysis and Assessment, Employer Branding, Talent Management, Team Diagnosis and Organisational Culture Diagnosis, Talent Management & Succession Planning, Training, Coaching.

ICSS –  The main activity of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Security Services) is providing intelligence for business through consultancy services or courses. The knowledge and experience acquired in the business world allows the ICSS team to support companies who are looking to get a competitive advantage in the market and to secure their businesses.


Amira Radulescu – IBCI Director

+4 0721 764 305;  +40 213 146 556; office@ibci.ro

Aleksandr Sergheevici Puskin 10, 4th Floor, District 1, Bucharest.


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