Business Protection in a world of global and regional Risks

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(8 hours)

Business Protection in a world of global and regional Risks


Business Protection course is addressed to those who want to understand the international context which directly influences the business environment projections. Current international developments are addressed in a realistic and balanced manner, constantly updated and based on experience. The dialogue with participants is essential for the success of this course.


  • understand the current international events and awareness of possible evolutions, with impact on the business environment.
  • guide the participants towards achieving their own analyses on international evolutions, independently of manipulative influences.


  • contradictory evolutions in Europe: national interests vs. collective interests. Brexit;
  • NATO’s role in European and global security;
  • the Russian factor;
  • 2016 US presidential elections;
  • implications of the Turkey events (2016);
  • Middle East and its influence on the European security;
  • China’s role on the global security;
  • geo-economics of energy and mineral resources.

Audience: All company employees and entrepreneurs interested in having a starting place on their own analyses on global and regional security. The number of participants is between 8 and 16.

Duration: 8 hours (1 day)


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Business Protection In A World Of Global And Regional Risks

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