Defensive Intelligence for Companies


(16 HOURS)

Defensive Intelligence for companies


The Defensive Intelligence course consists of lectures package and of individual and group exercises designed to introduce the participant in protecting the organization to which it belong, against the destructive activities coming from the business, especially in the area of competition.

The course involves identifying the key intelligence topics, according with the physical and informational protection of the company need, gathering information of counter competitive intelligence nature, professional analysis of this information and creating business intelligence products, distributing it to beneficiaries, protecting the company against competitors’ attempts to gather information about them, etc.

Objectives – Graduates of the course will:

  • understand the information need to ensure the continuity of the business;
  • identify the organization’s key assets which should be protected;
  • identify vulnerabilities, threats and risks to their own organization;
  • use a basic set of methods for collecting information, both from open sources and from human sources;
  • use a basic set of information processing methods (assessment, storage, analysis and synthesis);
  • disseminate/distribute in an appropriate manner for the internal recipients (top/senior/middle management);
  • understand the legal and the ethical framework of the counter competitive intelligence domain.


  • concepts of protection and control of the organization of the competitor’s offensives in business intelligence field (competitive counter intelligence);
  • introductive aspects concerning business & competitive intelligence;
  • gathering information by exploiting human sources;
  • gathering information by exploiting open source;
  • analyzing information of competitive counter intelligence type;
  • final informational materials.

Audience: 8 to 16 persons.

Duration: 16 hours


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