Competitive Intelligence for Senior & Top Management


(16 hours)

Competitive Intelligence Training for Senior & Top Management

Competitive Intelligence (CI) = a systematic and ethical program for gathering, analyzing, and managing any combination of Data, Information, and Knowledge concerning the Business environment in which a company operates that, when acted upon, will confer a significant Competitive advantage or enable sound decisions to be made. Its primary role is Strategic early warning. Although narrower in scope, it is commonly employed as a synonym for Business Intelligence. Why would you need a Competitive Intelligence Training?


Competitive Intelligence for Senior & Top Management* was designed based on the premise that every business decision should be based on a set of information subject to a cognitive process. The average value of decisions taken by a manager depends directly on the quality of information to which he has access and his processing capability. The course provides a focused perspective on the role of CI and the professional models that can be applied. In the business environment of the 21st century, ignorance or misunderstanding of CI field is a real obstacle in achieving superior performance. Through interactive lectures and practical exercises participants will experience the intelligence field applied on the business environment.

* Note: There are two main types of managers: (a) those which, intuitively, assume the effort to base their decisions through the management of their own network of sources, checking and processing information, without specialized training and as a secondary function of the manager’s main attributions; (b) those who delegated the CI function to a person or a specialized compartment, while retaining control over it (in the same way that control the other functions in the organization).


The participants will:

  • understand the potential of CI for the development, security and business continuity of an organization;
  • be able to identify two working models of CI activity;
  • apply on a personal level one of the functional models of CI;
  • understand and help identify the real information needs of the organization in relation to their vision, business strategy, objectives and actions in the business environment;
  • understand the process of implementing a CI function within their company;
  • understand the optimal relationship between the leader / manager and CI specialists;
  • know the ethical and legal framework of CI.


  • the relation between their own organization and the elements of supra-system (external environment) and subsystem (internal environment);
  • introductory issues regarding CI (Competitive Intelligence);
  • functional models of the process of intelligence (Intelligence Cycle, Target Centric Approach);
  • identifying information needs of the organization;
  • models for the implementation of a CI function in the organization;
  • cost / benefits analysis of the implementation of a CI function;
  • CI products;
  • the relationship between the beneficiary and the CI practitioner;
  • notions of protection and control of the organization against offensives in the information environment from business competitors (Competitive Counter-Intelligence);
  • ethical and legal aspects of CI.

Audience: This course is designed for senior and top management level only. The number of participants is between 8 and 12.

Duration: 16 hours (2 days)


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