The Strategy Questions No One Asks

In this workshop, you will get a taste of those questions.

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06Nov '20

The Strategy Questions No One Asks

What would you say if one of the greatest global business strategy advisors helped you think about your business for 2021? Participate in an exclusive business strategy workshop with Mark Chussil – an interactive and extremely dynamic online event, hosted by our colleague, Amira Radulescu on the marvelous set @ Marcom Hub!

“The Strategy Questions No One Asks”, 3rd of December 2020, 16:00 – 17:30

presented by Mark Chussil – Founder, Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc.

His workshops on strategic thinking, for companies and universities, are fun and provocative. Mark’s business war games and strategy simulators simulated for industries from airlines to vaccines have startled and shocked Fortune 500 companies, and helped them add billions to their bottom lines.

  „I heard their managers ask many strategy questions. Their questions focus on the classics, such as how to get more profitable and how to defend against a new competitor. They are not bad questions, as questions go. But there are also strategy questions I have not heard. When I ask those questions I see startled faces… and then I see eyes go wide as the questions sink in.

When we believe we know what to do, we stop thinking. What is there to think about? We know the answer. New strategy questions, though, lead us to new thinking, new insights, and new strategies.


In this workshop, you will get a taste of those questions. I have seen such questions lead companies to change strategies overnight and I have seen them move bottom lines by billions of dollars. I cannot think for you (would you want me to, even if I could?), but I will do my best to help you expand your thinking. The questions come from me, but the value comes from you.”  Mark Chussil

Mark Chussil is the Founder of Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc.

An entertaining, passionate speaker who can run a billion simulations before breakfast, Mark is a pioneer in business war-gaming and strategy simulation, and a 40-year veteran of com­petitive strategy. He has helped scores of Fortune 500 com­pa­nies, in industries from airlines to vaccines, make much better strategy decisions.

Mark has written or co-written three books, chapters and cases for five others, and numerous articles in the Harvard Busi­ness Review online and elsewhere. His most recent book, co-authored with Benjamin Gilad, is The NEW Employee Manual: A No-Holds-Barred Look at Cor­porate Life(Ben says the book is about careers. Mark says the book is about strategy.) Har­vard Business School invited Mark to address two HBS reunions based on his book Nice Start: Questions Only You Can Answer to Create the Life Only You Can Live. His first book, Strategy Analysis with ValueWar (co-authored by Professor David Reibstein of the Wharton School), focuses on Mark’s award-winning ValueWar™ strategy simulator. He taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Portland and he holds a patent on simulation technology.

Mark has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Yale University (in political science, of all things). He was elected a Fel­low of Strategic and Com­petitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and the Council of Com­pe­t­i­tive Intelligence Fellows (CCIF), served on the board of directors of Friends of the Children, and chaired the pro bono Community Part­ners program of the Harvard Business School Association of Oregon.

He speaks only one language but he has written software in four. Mark figures that science saved his life at least three times and almost killed him only once.


The number of participants in this online workshop is limited to 30 and is dedicated to CEOs and Top Management, Business Partners, HR Management, Business Development, Business Consultants and Marketing Strategist.

This exclusive event is organized by IBCI (Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence) and Marcom Hub for their direct partners. Depending on the available places, recommended people will be accepted or based on the Linkedin profile.

For registration and other details, please contact the host of this event,  Amira Radulescu (Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence)

Amira Radulescu is an intrapreneur & entrepreneur, consultant, international trainer and coach. She manages the Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence ( and is a certified Business & Competitive Intelligence expert- Partner, trainer & consultant @ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services

Expert in behavioural science, psychology, neuroscience and neuroleadership, profiler, trainer and certified specialist in Nonverbal Communication, Body Language and Human Lie Detector Skills, FACS (Facial Action Coding System by Paul Ekman Group,;  international trainer for Forensics Group Italia, (Certificazione in Criminalistica Forense – Investigative); Strategy and Content Consultant @ Wellness Captain (; Coach and consultant in various projects for organisational and personal development, well-being (Skills of the Future, Design your Life); author and editor on

Her favourite  workshops that she delivers: “Why smart people make stupid mistakes?”, “Elicitation – collecting information from human sources and getting them into insights”, “Emotions in the Workplace”, “Nonverbal Communication”.

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