The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence – IBCI has an excellent multidisciplinary team, with professionals that are practitioners and leading ex­perts in their fields, after training and offering their expertise to Top 10 Forbes companies, as well as hundreds of managers and executives dealing with competitive pressures on their job.


Amira Radulescu is an experienced entrepreneur, trainer, coach, and competitive intelligence expert. Ss the Director of the Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence and a partner at  ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services)she has helped numerous businesses and individuals enhance their competitive intelligence capabilities. Amira is also an expert in behavioural science, a profiler and a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and International Economic Relations and is a lecturer for the Master in Forensics Criminology in Italy. She is also a trainer for Forensics Group – Italy.

Amira is certified in Business Competitive Intelligence, Behavioral Analysis and Assessment, and Criminal Profiling. She also holds certificates in Body Language and Lie Detection (FACS – Paul Ekman Group Certificate), Clinical Psychology, Human Resource Development, and Marketing & Business Communication. She is a co-author of the manual “Criminal: Criminology, Investigation, Intelligence, and Security” and a trainer and expert in Elicitation and Behavior Analysis at Criminal Meet Italy. She is also a co-author of Obscura, a Criminal Meet project that delves into the world of criminology, investigation, intelligence, and security.

Amira’s expertise in competitive intelligence and behavioural science has helped her clients achieve significant improvements in their personal and professional lives. Her training programs and consultancy services are highly customized to meet the specific needs and goals of her clients.



Sergiu Medar is co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services) and has extensive experience in Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence gained during his entire career: diplomat, National Security Adviser for the Presidential Administration, Chief of the National Intelligence Community and a member of the Supreme Council of National Defence; Director of Military and Counterintelligence. He had diplomatic missions in the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. He teaches diplomacy, Intelligence and counterterrorism at the National Intelligence Academy (ANI) and he is also associate professor at Babes Bolay University from Cluj where he teaches Defence Diplomacy, Business Intelligence/Competitive Intelligence, National Defence College – Defence Diplomacy, Security Studies as an Associate Professor and at the „Lucian Blaga” University , Sibiu. He was Visiting Professor for: National Defence University, USA; NATO Studies Center, Bucharest; Marshall Center, Garmisch Partenkirchen; National Defence Intelligence College, USA.

Sergiu Medar worked as a consultant in Business Competitive Intelligence for national and multinational companies from 4 continents. His area of ​​expertise includes: Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence, Negotiation, Crisis Management, Business Protocol. He is also consultant  for „Lockheed Martin” (USA) in risk evaluation, security projects and studies, training on security, corporate security management, Business Intelligence.


Adriean Pârlog is co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services) and has over 25 years of experience in Intelligence and Business Intelligence. He is currently the president of ICSS and associate professor at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu and Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca. He is a member of SCIP (Strategic Competitive Intelligence Professionals) since 2012.   Mr. Parlog has relevant experience in business, as a manager, but also a consultant for national and multinational companies from Romanian, USA, Great Britain and for companies from Middle East and Central Asia.

He graduated in Cybernetics and Statistics and has a postgraduate specialisation in modelling and simulation of social – economic phenomena –  ASE Bucharest. He holds a Ph.D. obtained from the Academy of Advanced Military Studies (where he completed a postgraduate course in Intelligence) and held the position of Head of military intelligence analysis. He was part of the group who developed the Entrepreneurship Laboratory from Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, a project financed with EU funds. His area of ​​expertise includes: Intelligence & Business Intelligence, information theory, modelling and simulation of economic and social processes.


Ionut Corduneanu is co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services), an entrepreneur and consultant in Business Competitive Intelligence since 2011, after a ten years  career in government Intelligence. He is a member of the Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (scip.org), following doctoral studies in Business Competitive Intelligence and he is a certified trainer, currently delivering courses in Business Intelligence.

In his company’s customer portfolio (ICSS) there are Romanian companies and multinational brands that have benefited from Intelligence in order to develop business operations in Romania, the Balkans, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.


Mirco Turco is a profiler and an expert trainer in Body Language and Lie Detection. He has a wide range of expertise in various areas, including work and organizational psychology, human resources assessment and development, training and design, criminology, health psychology, sports psychology and hypnosis. Mirco is an International Coder of the Facial Action Coding System by Ekman, Friesen, and Hager, and has followed specialist training in Investigative Psychology with international instructors from police special forces and the investigative sector. He has also obtained the titles of Criminal Investigation Expert, DNA Evidence Collector Specialist, and Crime Analyst.

With a holistic approach to well-being, Mirco considers psychology a true science of the soul and behaviour. He is an expert in clinical, Ericksonian, dynamic, nonverbal, regressive hypnosis, general and applied criminology, investigative psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and nonverbal communication. He believes that conviction and opportunities carry great weight in life. As a member of the Copint Predictive Intelligence Committee and the Scientific Director of Forensics Group Italy, Mirco collaborates with various public and private entities in Italy and Europe. He is also a lector and trainer at the Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence. Mirco is passionate about sharing his knowledge and is a trainer and speaker at various national and international conferences and seminars.

In addition to deception detection techniques and forensic hypnosis, Mirco also cultivates the security sector as a personal defence and Krav Maga technician and as an expert in security psychology. He is a former officer of the Italian Army. Mirco is also an accomplished writer and has contributed scientific articles in Applied Psychology. He has authored several essays and books.


Dragos has been an entrepreneur for 25 years, with over 20 years of experience in the marketing and communication industry. He is the founder of GT, a creative production agency, and Marcom Hub, an unconventional space with new technologies and a one-stop shop for inspiration and solutions for brands. He was also an investor and partner in Biz Magazine.

As a business mentor at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy and lecturer at the Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence, Dragos has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his clients and students. He can provide valuable insights and advice on how to start, run, and grow a successful business.

Dragos has a diverse range of certifications, including Business & Competitive Intelligence, Elicitation for Business Information, Communication & Leadership, Journalism, Lie Detection, NLP Coaching, Sales & Negotiation. These certifications demonstrate his commitment to continuous learning and development and his expertise in various areas related to business and communication.

Dragos has a passion for teaching and mentoring, behaviour analysis and profiling, and he is dedicated to helping his clients and students achieve their goals.