Information Analysis in Business Competitive Intelligence

Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence

(16 hours)

Information Analysis in Business Competitive Intelligence

Business Intelligence Analysis (B/CI) is a systematic process of qualitative validation, classification, processing, interpretation and presentation of obtained information from the gathering stage, in order to substantiate a decision.


The training program consists of lectures (approximately 60% of the course’s duration) and practical applications through which participants acquire the necessary skills to produce business intelligence analysis necessary to substantiate a decision, while minimizing the risks induced by them.

The main subjects of the training program:

  • Initial concepts (active, threats, opportunities, vulnerabilities);
  • The SWOT – TOWS model: analysis model for an organization’s state and strategic planning;
  • Scenario Planning: scenario based strategic planning method;
  • Analysis of Competing Hypotheses: multiple scenario selection method.


  • identify and separate basic structural entities in information analysis (active, threats, opportunities, vulnerabilities, decisional risks);
  • analyze the organization’s state;
  • identify the most probable evolution scenarios for a determined period;
  • supporting the strategic planning in the organization.


  • defining the base concepts;
  • the schematic for producing business intelligence analysis;
  • the SWOT – TOWS analysis;
  • scenario generating methods;
  • Competing Hypotheses Analysis;
  • scenario based planning.

Audience: Due to the extended applicability of the Business Intelligence Analysis process in any field that requires decision-making (in conditions of uncertainty), this training program is addressed to persons with job responsibilities that imply conducting analysis (management, business intelligence, human resources, sales, public relations, marketing, etc.) or persons that want to develop their decider skills. The number of participants is 8-16 persons.

Duration: 16 hours (2 days)


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