Business Protocol & Cultural Intelligence


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Business Protocol & Cultural Intelligence

Business Protocol Calendar: October 19th, 2018. Enrolment has started!

Description of Business Protocol Training: Successfully carrying out the activities of the personnel within a company implies complex interactions with speakers from diverse backgrounds (financial-banking, politic, administrative, economic, diplomatic, cultural, etc.) native, but international as well. A company is frequently involved in the organizing and attending of social-cultural events. The binder that allows the communication and networking with people from such diverse backgrounds is the concept of Protocol. The company’s image and of its representatives before foreign partners is a resultant, including the way that they understand and apply the protocol rules and customs. The Business Protocol training program ensures knowledge formation and consolidation concerning protocol in business and society, both in Romania and other countries.

Objectives – the graduates will:

  • be able to understand the benefits of correctly applying protocol in business and society, respectively of the risk of protocol blunders;
  • know and apply the protocol rules and customs.

Business Protocol Training Agenda:

  • Definitions. Ceremonial. Protocol. Etiquette. Courtesy. Flags positioning. The order of priority within an organization;
  • The delegation’s communication during travelling abroad. Exiting the plane. Entering the vehicle. Places in the vehicle;
  • Physical stance. The greeting. The hand shake. The stare. Standing stance. Sitting stance.
  • Dress code. Perfumes. The position during negotiations. Arranging the work office;
  • “intra muros” activities. Writing and sending invitations. Attending breakfast. Attending brunch. Attending lunch. Attending “vin d’honeur”. Attending a cocktail party. Attending dinner. Table sitting arrangements. Offering gifts, flours. Setting the table. Beverages appetizers. Digestive drinks. Wines. Whisky. Cigarettes. Cigars;
  • Attending weddings. Attending funerals. Attending an awards offering ceremony. Organizing conferences, symposiums;
  • business correspondence. Letters of congratulations. Letters of condolences;
  • the behavior and characteristics of protocol in Asian countries, Arab, Buddhist, Hindus, in the USA, vest European countries. The man-woman relationship in various world states.

Audience: Due to the vast applicability of protocol rules and customs, both professionally and personal, this course is addressed to any person with work attributes that implies organizing and/or participating to protocol activities or persons who wish to develop personal abilities in this direction. The number of participants is between 8 and 16.

Duration: 8 hours (1 day)


CONTACT:  Amira Radulescu ♦ Phone: +4 0721 764 305; +40 213 146 556 ♦  Email: ♦ Aleksandr Sergheevici Puskin 10, 4th Floor, District 1, Bucharest

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