Intelligence in Negotiations

Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence (16 hours)

Intelligence in Negotiations 


The Intelligence in Negotiations training program targets the transfer of methods, techniques and good practices specific to the Intelligence field in business negotiations. Their success in potentiating the final results of a negotiation was validated over time, by applying them in international negotiations at the state level. The added value of the components brought from Intelligence to business negotiation resides in the stringency of the information document and thorough the studied management of the relationship with the negotiating partner.


Graduates will know and apply a minimum set of methods, techniques and good practices specific to the Intelligence field in the Negotiation Process.

Intelligence in Negotiations Agenda:

a. Introduction to Negotiation Theory

  • types of negotiations (the salami rule, the denying rule, etc.);
  • critical parameters of negotiation: time, information, power;
  • the negotiation process.

b. Preparing of the negotiation

  • the analysis of the negotiation object: documentaries, informative dimension, forecast;
  • the study of the negotiation partner: individual profile, the opponent’s reality;
  • planning of the negotiation: setting the negotiation objectives, setting the negotiation parameters, construction of the negotiation scenarios.

c. The negotiation itself

  • initiating the negotiation;
  • communication in negotiation;
  • communication of traded messages;
  • receiving the partner’s messages (manifest vs. latent);
  • information/Counter-information gathering during the negotiations;
  • communication methods and techniques: pressure, manipulation, body-language, verbal-paraverbal language, lie detection.
  • on the spot analysis;
  • decisions/Real time decisions;
  • closing the negotiation;
  • resuming the negotiation.

Audience: Personnel involved in negotiations or that has the professional perspective to reach a position that will allow them to participate in negotiations. The number of participants is between 8 and 12.

Duration: 16 hours (2 days)


CONTACT: Amira Radulescu ♦ Phone: +4 0721 764 305; +40 213 146 556 ♦  Email: ♦ Aleksandr Sergheevici Puskin 10, 4th Floor, District 1, Bucharest

Intelligence in NegotiationsIntelligence in Negotiations

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