” Own your Client” Training program

"Get to Know and Own your Client”

“Get to Know and Own your Client” – Training & Workshop Program

Calendar 2018: January – Coming soon! If you are interested in this training program, please send us a message with your contact details and we will come back to you as soon as possible! office@ibci.ro


The program is designed to provide your staff (who has direct contact with clients – sales, audit, consultants, customer service, key account, entrepreneur, etc.) with an insight on Competitive Intelligence domain applied on the networking process with potential or current clients. Intelligence specific methods on gathering information, analysis and  human interaction will make a difference, whether it’s about identifying people of interest, building a relationship or more complex negotiations.


  • Increased understanding of the client’s perspective, goals and interests related to your organization or to which your organization can contribute – how you can add value to a client or prospective client;
  • Increased level of trust offered by your clients to your organization;
  • A more proactive relationship with your clients, as your representative/employee is taking the initiative


Participants will have the opportunity to become aware of how to apply an interpersonal relationship model with their clients, based on the following principles:

  • Getting to know your client in a continuous and thorough manner, discovering his / her interests (personal and business);
  • Developing a privileged relationship between the client and the organization, generated by the behavior and attitude of the organization’s representative during client meetings.

Acquired competences

1.Getting to know your client:

  • Identify and exploit information sources regarding your client
  • Analysis and interpretation of gathered information
  • Gestionarea informațiilor referitoare la client (utilizarea ”Fișei personale de cunoaștere”).
  • Managing Client information (using the “Client Profile Card”).

2. Networking process:

  • Applying a system of understanding the values and the client’s decision-making mechanism;
  • Preparing meetings with clients;
  • Techniques for building the inter-personal relationship with the client;
  • Post-meeting debriefing Technique.


  • Business & Competitive Intelligence definitions, The Intelligence Process: Intelligence Cycle model;
  • Choosing the key intelligence topics: “Client Profile Card”).;
  • Gathering information by exploiting open source (How to effectively use Internet in order to get to know your client better);
  • Information gathering through Human Intelligence sources: Body Language, Elicitation method, P.E.A.C.E. type interview method;
  • The mechanic of a client meeting.
  • Analyzing and interpretation of information about client: Mirroring SWOT;
  • Techniques to build an inter-personal relationship with the client (How to be perceived as a trustworthy individual);

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